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Welcome to "Spotlight", where we invite you to review and check out our client's products or services.  Here you will find an incredible product that may change your life.  As the web designers for Koncentrated K, we have included this essential complex k vitamin into our daily routine.  My husband and I are already experiencing positive results.  We encourage you to consider adding this to your regimen and learn more about Koncentrated K.  All the best to you and your health,  Gina Harman

"Vitamin K is associated with many health benefits.  Research has greatly expanded in the last decade, and vitamin K is associated with reversing cardiovascular disease, with strengthening bones, with interfering with the growth of cancer cells, with benefitting those with chronic kidney disease, as helping regulating insulin in diabetics, improving cognitive functioning and much more. Vitamin K is naturally occurring, and can be a non-toxic intervention to treat these diseases."—Pat Theut, Founder of Koncentrated K

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♦  Vitamin K and Cancer

♦  Vitamin K and Diabetes

♦  Why Vitamin K and Clottings

♦  Vitamin K and Teeth

♦  Vitamin K and Covid 19

Learn more by visiting their website or Buy Now below:

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“Superior Web's Mission is to help other small businesses - like myself, not only survive, but flourish through these difficult times. We want to build strong responsive websites and relationships. Because more than 70% of browsers are now using mobile devices, it has never been a better time to go "responsive". We create true organic content with extreme SEO techniques that will enable your new site to rank great naturally. Let’s think out of the box and grow together." — Gina Harman, Native American Owned and Woman Owned”

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Superior Web is owned by Velvet Green Creations and is located in the "Heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula", just north of a little town named Newberry, MI. We opened our art gallery in 1998 and began web designing a year later. Two decades later, we have a large portfolio of clients throughout Michigan. We invite you to visit our About page or our websites below:

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Superior Web is a Native American and Woman owned company.