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Our Services
Superior Web delivers high quality modern Michigan small business websites. We work with our clients in person or remotely via phone, email and digital communications.  We are also artists and can provide a variety of services which include:  fine art, paintings, carvings, graphic design, branding, banner ad design, logos, developing a brand for your company, along with a full range of photography services.  We also can bring to your business our Phantom 4 drone services - high resolution set-up. 

Here is a list of what we have to offer to make your site the very best it can be:

  • Michigan Web Design that is responds to all devices
  • Superior Web provides clients with a great easy to use Content Management System
  • Clients are on a state-of-the-art Secure Server with SSL Certificate
  • Search Engine Optimization is included with all packages
  • Photo services are provided within a reasonable distance
  • Logo Design is offered for those without branding or in need of an update
  • Graphic Art
  • We also provide high resolution drone photography and video services

Michigan Responsive Web Design - Looks Great on Any Device
Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the new standard approach to website design aimed at creating web sites that provide an optimal viewing experience.  Our programming detects what type of device the user is on and adjusts the design (content and modules) to fit a small to full scale PC monitor, any size tablet, or any cell phone.  

CMS, Content Management System - Updating Your Website
Superior Web has developed an easy to use and customizable Content Management System.  This tool allows our clients to update their website instantly.  You will not have to learn a new language like other main stream content management systems require.  This is a tool that does not depend on the user to have a background in computer science and is delivered to you in "laymen's terms".  We did this so that our clients feel comfortable going into the backdoor of their website and update text, photos, galleries, rates, PDFs, news, while also having the ability to create new pages for their site.

We do work for companies that are on these larger CMS platforms, each one of them has their own language along with complicated back doors that take several steps to do a simple update. 

If you live within a reasonable distance, we can meet to teach you in person.  We walk you through our step by step guide.  Our instructional meeting will only take approximately 25 minutes.  We are always here to help if you need a hand.  Each client also is given a step-by-step PDF instructional guide.

If we are working with you remotely, we will carefully instruct you over the phone and go through out instructional guide together.  We have done this many times and am confident that this easy to use admin will help you keep your website fresh and updated.

What is a SSL Secure Server Certificate?
A SSL Secure Server Certificate is a must have on today's web.  It is a validation and encryption tool which secures and encrypts data going back and forth between the server and your browser. This brings the highest security for private information transferring between your website and your clients. 

You can rest at ease knowing that your new website (or redesigned website) will be hosted on our brand new server that has a trusted SSL Certificate.  This certificate was issued by a CA, Trusted Certification authority in which verifies the identity of the website and who owns it.  Google in particular will also rank your site higher with a SSL Certificate than those who do not.  We want you to be confident when bringing an audience to your website. 

Websites that do not have a SSL Certificate will relay the following information:  Not secure:  "Your connection to this site isn't secure.  Don't enter any sensitive information on this site (for example, passwords or credit cards).  It could be stolen by hackers."

"A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids or flex display.  This design includes icons and links to all your social platforms.  Also with this, Google for example will rank your RWD higher than those that do not have this new standard implemented."

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Our Search Engine Optimization utilizes tools that are superior and creates incredible traffic to your website.  If you have an incredible looking website, but can't be found, your site will not be successful without spending a monthly stipend on ads.  We strive to use every available avenue to make sure that your key words and phrases are developed deep into your site, not just in the Title, Description, and Keywords.  It's something we have practiced since the very beginning — we are well known for these capabilities.  Our goal is for you to be found, experience success and enjoy working with our company.

Photography, Video Production and Drone Work
I have been a photographer for 38 years.  I was photographer for the Escanaba Daily Press, appeared in many large US newspapers through the AP, and have done work for the New York Times. If you would like my photography services, please do not hesitate in calling me.

Video Production and Drone Work
This coming summer we will be traveling throughout the Upper Peninsula for personal video and drone production for our tourism website.  If you would like these services, please let us know.  If you live in the UP, we will let you know when we will be in your area.

Company Branding
Not only are we web designers, we are skilled artists who enjoy painting, sculpting, creating jewelry, carving, and graphic arts.  Both my husband and myself work in many mediums.  With the development of technology, we are able to scan a sketch, work with it in Adobe Photoshop and make into a vector image and help you utilize it for cards, mugs, hats, brochures, print on canvas, the ideas are endless.

I love working on logos, I have a large portfolio of work that I have done for many clients small and large.  We also provide graphic arts services and have created designs for billboards, signs, banners, etc...

To view some of my other work, please visit:

"We want our clients to succeed, thrive, be found on the web, and overcome today's hurdles.  We strive to reflect your organization or company's goals.  Call or email us today for a free quote, we are excited to hear from you."

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“Superior Web's Mission is to help other small businesses - like myself, not only survive, but flourish through these difficult times. We want to build strong responsive websites and relationships. Because more than 70% of browsers are now using mobile devices, it has never been a better time to go "responsive". We create true organic content with extreme SEO techniques that will enable your new site to rank great naturally. Let’s think out of the box and grow together." — Gina Harman, Native American Owned and Woman Owned”

Who We Are

Superior Web is owned by Velvet Green Creations and is located in the "Heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula", just north of a little town named Newberry, MI. We opened our art gallery in 1998 and began web designing a year later. Two decades later, we have a large portfolio of clients throughout Michigan. We invite you to visit our About page or our websites below:

Superior Web
Owner: Gina Harman
13335 State Highway M123
Newberry, MI 49868
(906) 293-3625

Superior Web is a Native American and Woman owned company.