MiTeleCare LLC

MiTeleCare LLC

MITelecare is a website built for a client who is located in Lower Michigan. She wanted to create a website that would convey her services to patients throughout Michigan. Amanda Allen FNP-C Michigan is a Certified Nurse Practitioner that provides assessment, diagnosis, plan, and evaluation. Her website includes her commitment to her profession, her services, and a MIPortal in which clients can utilize as a third party secure website called Portal Fusion for medical appointments and treatment online. We worked with Amanda and built a plan that would move her ideas into an online Tele Health Care direction. We launched her website in 2020 to help her work remotely and help people in need of her services.

All of our new websites are created following the guidelines of RWD, Responsive Web Design. Superior Web programming follows an approach to web design that instructs the website to perform well on all devices. We make sure that content, photos and design flows throughout the site on all platforms.

All of our websites are now on a state of the art server with a SSL, Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. When we provide our web services to you and host your site on our server, this digital certificate authenticates your website and encrypts private information. This layer of protection creates trust with users by verifying your website is secure and legitimate. A SSL Certificate helps secure your website.

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"Superior Web's Mission is to build strong responsive websites and relationships. Because more than 70% of browsers are now using mobile devices, it has never been a better time to go "responsive". We create true organic content with extreme SEO techniques that will enable your new site to rank great naturally." — Gina Harman, Owner

Who We Are

Superior Web is owned by Velvet Green Creations and is located in the "Heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula", just north of a little town named Newberry, MI. We opened our art gallery in 1998 and began web designing a year later. Two decades later, we have a large portfolio of clients throughout Michigan. We invite you to visit our About page or our websites below:

Superior Web
Owner: Gina Harman
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Superior Web is a Native American and Woman owned company.